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TOTAL (Investment+ Activation) Totally FREE 40 + 20 = $60 35 + 15 = $50 5 + 295 = $300
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You can add your program for FREE in our monitoring site.
But if you’d like your program gets PAYING status, [your program has to have more than 5 paying status from other monitoring] or [ you have to deposit double of your program minimum amount to our wallet (all this amount will be invest on your program, also it will be reinvest again and again after end of each period.)]

You can ask your user to send their own experience by leave a comment in your program page.
We have a popular programs page which is listing programs by counting their visit (you can ask your user to visit your page to getting better place and also if your program gets the top 10 in visit, your program will be in our home page (the best place).

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We do really appreciate you for choosing us.
If you want to add your program to our site, please follow our instructions below.

  • You are the program owner.
  • We put the interests of depositors above ours, so investment projects that are suspicion won’t be able to monitor here (We always try to show the current and honest statuses.) .
    Even if your program is paying only to selected investor, we have rights to change your program status to SCAM
  • We have the right to deny or remove the hyip(s) based on their responsibility.

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