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free hyip monitor

You can add your hyip program in our hyip monitor totally free.
No activation fee, no investment fee, fully free
Conditions and terms of this service
term of service

1. We do not provide any services to doubler or any high risk programs.
2. The program has to have active monitor. If your program has no monitor, do not waste your time to complete the form. We do not approve programs with no monitor in our free listing.
** It is important because we have to check your program status with them.
3. Your status will be set ”scam” as soon as your other monitor change your status to scam.
4. When you add your program in our free listing, your program will get “not-monitored” status and also it will never get PAYING status.
5. It’s completely FREE, and you can use it but please before contacting us to ask why it has not been published in 72 hour , check the conditions number 1 and 2 above.

Please if you do NOT have the conditions number 1 and 2 above, do not waste your time to complete this form.

Add your hyip program for free

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