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plan in continue.

About this hyip:

«Berkshir» – this investment project, which is actively engaged in the investment from the beginning 2015 years and has success in the microfinance market. Since January of this year, «Berkshir» provides its profitable investment plan to online users. Even in the recent past only corporate clients with large assets had the opportunity to make enormous profits, but now every private investor was equal, the chances of getting stable profit from the project…..
110%  During 2 days’
Minimum deposit: 1$ Maximum Deposit: 2500$
Accrual daily Principal included

  • https://newhyips.info/goto/18-1013
  • : 55% per day for 2 days
  • : 6%
  • : no
  • : Jan 31, 2018
  • : 1$
  • : 2500$
  • : Bitcoin| Payeer| perfect_money| Adv Cash
  • : SSL security

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berkshir is a SCAM. How can you rate them as paying?! when they even don’t have a valid email address?! and when you likely haven’t received any payment form they yet!! they stole my just 1$!! that’s absurd. they started burglary since the first day! shame on them…


We do really appreciate you for choosing us.

we told you before in bottom of all pages “” Paying or others status is for our hyip monitor maybe isn’t like yours. We don’t give practice, all investments decisions are yours.””

thanks for your report.
good luck.


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در انتهای تمامی صفحات این موضوع قید شده هست.

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