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Compensation Policy

Please read the whole rules carefully

  • You must be our referral.
  • The compensation amount may not cover all your investment, (depends on the number of our referrals and the loses, the compensation for each users might be too less).
  • Multiple accounts in projects are not allowed.
  • There is no compensation for Monitors/Listers/Blogs/Promoters with listing or bonus deposits.
  • It’s not allowed to request compensation for someone else.
  • Compensation must be ordered within 96 hours after changing the status to “NOT PAYING”.
  • Only deposits made after the compensation offer is published are eligible for compensation.
  • You must request for all the withdrawals of your earnings for each time as soon as possible.
  • If the project has “Daily..” and ” After..” plans you must choose “Daily…” plan.
  • Using the “compounding” option in projects is not allowed.
  • Compensation will be calculated by formula: ‘Deposited Total’ – ‘Received Total’ – ‘Refback’ = ‘Net loss’ (not more than total compensation amount)
  • All of the insurance amount will be divided to all of our referrals.
  • In the cases when compensation amount is not enough to cover all losses, losses are compensated in proportion to the losses.
  • “Two Factor Authentication” must be disabled for your account in the project. (After project status is changed to scam, to check, (if project website is alive) ).
  • Compensation requests are being processed within 24 business hours after the form is closed.

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