Hash Finance

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scam hyip Hash Finance

About this hyip:

The ambitious team of professionals, who know all the moves in crypto-trading, founded the Hash Finance Limited. Trading company is in a position to get the high liquidity of the crypto-currency buy/sell transactions. Only proficient traders, who have wealth of experience and expertise in the stock market, work in Hash Finance Limited company. Since its inception, Hash Finance Limited has focused on building an extensive infrastructure that combines classic and modern approaches to Bitcoin mining….
11% Daily For 12 Days
0.001 BTC – 0.24999999 BTC

12% Daily For 12 Days
0.250 BTC – 0.99999999 BTC

13% Daily For 12 Days
  • https://newhyips.info/goto/17-0537
  • 11% -13% Daily For 12 Days

  • 12%
  • Nov 1, 2017
  • 0.001 BIT
  • unlimited
  • DDoS protection, SSL security, Registered Company
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