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golden wind STATUS: SCAM

plan in continue.

About this hyip:

Company Golden Wind invests in the construction of wind power plants worldwide. The growing global demand for electricity causes a high relevance of the search for new solutions in the energy sector. Alternative energetics is the most environmentally friendly and safe. In 2017, the amount of electrical energy produced by all wind turbines in the world overcame 3%. Such developed countries as the USA, China, Germany, UK are world leaders in the production of wind power and continue to increase their capacity…..

3% Daily
  • 3Daily for 70 days
  • 10 $Minimum  deposit
  • 0.1 $Minimum withdraw
  • 210 %Total return

  • 3% daily for 70 days

  • 8%
  • May 17, 2018
  • 10$
  • unlimited
  • SSL security
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