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fast earning STATUS: SCAM

plan in continue.

About this hyip:

Fastearning Limited is a fundamentally stable private Wealth Management Company that aims to provide lucrative income to investors wherever they are in the world as they participate on a Global Scale Venture. The Company’s portfolio includes a strategic assortment of high-yield assets located in key areasas well as having exclusive investments in numerous profitable businesses across the globe. Such portfolio is secured by several trusted online securities that guarantees the highest levels of account privacy to maximize utmost protection to finances at all times….
101% after 1 calendar days
Plan 1 $10 – $100000 101% Payment: At-Package-Expiry Duration: 1 Days Principal Returned: No
500% after 30 calendar days
Plan 1 $3000 – $100000 500% Payment: At-Package-Expiry Duration: 30 Days Principal Returned: No

  • 101% after 1 calendar day / 500% after 30 calendar days

  • 0.1%
  • May 14, 2018
  • 10$
  • 10000$
  • SSL security
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