dax invest STATUS: SCAM

plan in continue.

About this hyip:

The slogan of our company — A better place for financial traders! For a while, while we worked as mercenary traders, we had to change more than one company. Everywhere was the same problem — the user didn’t want to listen to us, gave us the tools to develop and opportunities to receive passive income. When we created the DAX INVEST LTD, we have as a goal the maximum satisfaction of desires of traders in development. That is why all the most experienced and successful crypto traders are not left our company…..

  • https://newhyips.info/goto/18-1820
  • 5% - 9% daily for 3 - 10 days

  • 5%
  • Jun 28, 2018
  • 10$
  • 1500$
  • SSL security
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