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Our company began its activity as a small business with only few people in it. At the time, there was no modern, like now, miner processors designed specifically for the production of cryptocurrency and only, but they were regular graphics processors (GPU) and less–weak central processors (CPUs) that came from regular stationary computers. Cryptocurrency was new to ordinary people at the time, and then no special equipment for its production was created. We believed in this modern innovation, believed in its potential, even though one Bitcoin cost only few cents. But less than a decade later, he grew to the record mark at 5013,00. Starting in the second half of May 2017, the Bitcoin rate is all the time above the $2000 and is constantly growing.
Investments plan name: Mountain
Plan Amount Spent (Ƀ) Hourly Profit (%)
Mountain Ƀ0.00500000 – Ƀ5.00000000 0.21
No deposits for this plan
Investments plan name: Aircold
Plan Amount Spent (Ƀ) Hourly Profit (%)
Aircold Ƀ5.00100000 – Ƀ25.00000000 0.25
No deposits for this plan
Investments plan name: Skyway
Plan Amount Spent (Ƀ) Hourly Profit (%)
Skyway Ƀ25.00100000 – Ƀ250.00000000 0.30
No deposits for this plan

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  • : 0.21% hourly profit 0.25% hourly profit 0.30% hourly profit
  • : 7%
  • : Oct 4, 2017
  • : 0.005 BIT
  • : 250 BIT
  • : Bitcoin
  • : DDoS protection, SSL security
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