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credit24 STATUS: SCAM

scam hyip credit24

About this hyip:

The company CREDIT24 has launched a new project for online lending, which is unique, and offers You the opportunity to become a direct participant. Our goal is the creation of a unique service, which will be able to get the maximum number of interested people. For the loan no longer need guarantors, numerous documents and the collateral obligations, which are almost always required in the banking and non-banking financial institutions. The borrower only has to determine the amount and term of loan, then make a request and wait for its approval….
150% in 24 hours Accrual of interest: Times a day Withdrawal: Instant The term of the Deposit: 1 day Min. Deposit amount: 12.00 $ Max. Deposit amount: 36.00 $

  • 150% after 24 hours

  • 7%
  • Apr 24, 2018
  • 12$
  • 36$
  • SSL security
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