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Bit Trading No1 Ltd

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scam hyip Bit Trading No1 Ltd

About this hyip:

Bit Trading No.1 Limited is a new system of relations between investors and a team of professional traders in cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple, Litecoin…, the best conditions of trust management and win-win investment strategy. International company with roots from UK proposes to check out the quality of trading on cryptocurrency stock exchanges and private e-currency exchange results. Bit Trading No.1 Limited is similar to an investment club, popularized by investors who have little to intermediate investment experience but still want to grow their portfolios like the professionals.
Plan Amount (Ƀ) Daily Profit (%)
Testing Ƀ0.00100000 – Ƀ1.00000000 9.00
Plan Amount (Ƀ) Daily Profit (%)
Standard Ƀ0.01000000 – Ƀ300.00000000 10.00

Special Offer

We are here to help you to avoid depositing in scam sites and If you register through our links, we’ll give you 50% of our commission and also Monthly lottery, we get 15% of profits of that month to the 3 winners
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  • 9% - 10% daily forever

  • 10%
  • Sep 17, 2017
  • 0.001 BIT
  • 300 BIT
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