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AUTO PROFIT This plan offers you an affordable and easy way to implement your plan, while applying minimum effort. You receive earnings on working days and your profit has being reinvested. Auto Profit plans feature a unique automatic profit reinvestment system. You earned profits and main deposit are paid out to you once the investment plan ends. 12-15% referral commission. 2.50% Daily, 120 Days 2.75% Daily, 85 Days 3.25% Daily, 71 Days 3.50% Daily, 60 Days 4% Daily, 42 Days —————————— REGULAR PROFIT If you are inspired not so much by a big dream as by many small goals, the Regular Profit plans will be the perfect choice for you. You receive daily weekday payouts, or weekly or monthly payuots. Reinvestment is available for some Regular Profit plans. Main deposit repaid once the investment plan ends. 1-5% referral commission. 1% Daily, 120 Days 1.25% Daily, 85 Days 3% Daily, 60 Days 6% 17 Weeks 30% 4 Months ——————————– VIP PROFIT The VIP Profit plans offer a fantastic opportunity to start your path to implementing your very daring desires and opening new horizons. Undoubted advantage of VIP Profit: accumulation and payment of the entire amount of profit, including the main deposit, once the investment period ends. So you will be able to use the lump sum for your great accomplishments. 12-15% referral commission. 1200% After 120 Days 1000% After 100 Days 800% After 80 Days 600% After 60 Days 200% After 20 Days —————————— ROYAL PROFIT The Royal Profit plans are the fastest way to success. Maximum investment under Royal Profit guarantees maximum profits… excess profits. We believe that by trusting us with large amounts, our clients will achieve outstanding financial success, opening up tremendous opportunities for anything possible, including the reason for which you came to us in the first place. Profits are calculated daily on weekdays, and paid out at the same time together with the main deposit when the investment period ends. 15% referral commission. 7% Daily, 71 Days 8% Daily, 57 Days 9% Daily, 42 Days 10% Daily, 28 Days 11% Daily, 14 Days

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